No surprises in the Hall of Fame announcement yesterday, which is welcome. As you remember the Dino Ciccarelli year in which he was the only one in - that was a most unwelcome surprise. In the meantime, the Hall continues to be a "Hall of Stats" and a "Hall of Longevity".

If this were a "Hall of Greatness" or a "Hall of Building Hockey" then Eric Lindros and Alex Mogilny would be in, while the likes of Mike Gartner, Ciccarelli, Mark Howe, Glenn Anderson, Dick Duff, Bernie Federko, Clark Gillies, Joe Mullen, etc - would not.

Anyway, if you didn't hear (which I doubt, given the age we live in) - Brendan Shanahan, Scott Niedermayer, Chris Chelios, Fred Shero and Geraldine Heaney were all inducted. I had Niedermayer ranked No.1 on my own list, with Chelios at No.4 and Shanahan at No.5. Very well deserved and there was little doubt they should get in. In fact, my Top 6 should be shoe-ins… whereas the rest (I did a Top 19) should probably be "no".


Carolina needs wingers. I have a feeling that they are looking into Damien Brunner for a second-line LW spot and Matt Halischuk for a third-line RW spot. Also maybe Jaromir Jagr. Because at this point, Zac Dalpe and Zach Boychuk would make the team and I just don't see that. Maybe Dalpe, who is coming off a good AHL season. But not Boychuk.

The Hurricanes signed Riley Nash to a two-year, two-way contract. But at this point, unless the Canes sign three more free agent forwards, Nash is pretty much a lock for the big club.


The Kessel for three draft picks (Seguin/Hamilton/Knight) trade - do you want to readdress that one again yet? Or are you still firmly in the Seguin camp? After Kessel finished sixth in scoring and then he finished eighth in scoring, Seguin gets traded to Dallas amid swirling 'party' rumors (not to mention his alleged tweets) while Hamilton can't crack the Boston playoff lineup because an undrafted player took his spot. Where do you sit on this? Are you ready to ease up a little on Brian Burke?

And hey, the Seguin rumors are more than just rumors - you saw the pictures of him partying it up. He has more tattoos than anyone I know. He's a fun, social guy. I believe that. But I also believe his father - he's young and his friends in Boston were married. He was alone. All he can do is hang out with young single people. And what do they do? So I don't think less of Seguin for that.


Nathan MacKinnon has signed his ELC. And yes he will be in the NHL this year and is the early Calder favorite.


Cal Clutterbuck has signed a four-year deal with the Islanders for $11 million. That kind of money and term reinforces my thought that he'll get a shot with Tavares, his old Oshawa buddy.


Remember Vitali Yachmenev? Man, that name came roaring back last night when I read that he retired. So there he is, nine months younger than I am. I remember he was the CHL player of the year in 1994 and was drafted in the third round that year by Los Angeles. A year later he made the club and was promptly put on Wayne Gretzky's line. He got 53 points and was a hot item in my keeper league. He never saw even 35 points in a season again. There's a lesson here somewhere…


The Flyers re-signed Erik Gustafsson for one year at $1 million. His numbers were nothing to brag about last year but if you look deeper you will notice that he got six of his eight points in the last 13 games. The team adding Mark Streit probably eliminates that promise though. At least for this year.


The Senators signed Mark Borowiecki to a two-year deal. The first year is two-way, but the second year is a one-way pact per RDS. The recent Corvo signing ensures that Borowiecki spends most of this year in the minors. But he's close, and his PIM potential is huge.


Some minor moves:

Jonathan Cheechoo has signed to play in the KHL.

Bill Sweatt has signed to play for Brynas in Sweden.


Just an FYI, I got exactly zero emails yesterday for this blurb - I need your help. I got nothing for clips and I really like to provide you with clips every day. So if you have any good ones, Tweet it to me, or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Here's a Borowiecki fight (listen to how his name is pronounced - Borry-ets-key)


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LeaferSutherland said:

Kessel Debate I couldn't care less about what was given up for Phil Kessel, personally. We aren't exactly talking about Tom Kurvers or even Andrew Raycroft here. Phil has given us everything we could have possibly expected from him in his short time with Toronto. Heck, his passing game has even gone beyond my personal expectations of him. And any growing pains that have occurred while he wore a Maple would not have magically disappeared if we had 3 young prospects today that have still yet to reach their peak (should they ever).

Acquiring Kessel was most definitely the makings of a rebuild given his age, his pedigree and his upside, which we've all witnessed come to fruition. Burke did not give up his 1st round picks to waste on a 35 year old shell of a former star. And as long as the Leafs began going in the right direction, I couldn't give a rat's ass what Boston was up to in the meantime.
July 10, 2013 | url
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BlackGold said:

... Why can't this be a win-win trade?

Toronto has a legit goal scoring star to build an offense around.

Boston won a cup and made it to the finals a second time in 3 years. Now they end up with Loui Eriksson who is another legit star player are are still a strong team to win another cup.

The argument about a rookie D-man not being able to "crack the playoffs lineup" is ridiculous. They have a strong veteran defence core that has been through it once, those guys are not getting replaced. Krug was playing lights out and helping them win games, of course you run with the hot hand.

I think what is more important than these issuses at the so called center of the universe (Toronto) is that we have an answer to the question of "Taylor or Tyler?" Answer: Taylor Hall. smilies/tongue.gif
July 10, 2013
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back check said:

back check
If you need clips..... Dobber, if you need clips, just mention the words Kessel and Seguin in the same sentance... seems to work for the comments section, why not try it out for video clips: "Hey guys who has scored the sweetest goal, Kessel or Seguin? Send in the clip of your choice." How about this one: "Dobber fans, who has made the bigger bone head play, Kessel or Seguin? Send me a clip to prove you are right." We could go all day on this.
July 10, 2013
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Isle B. said:

Isle B.
... It was a dumb trade for a bad team to make. The Leafs, a team that was treading water and hadn't made the playoffs in years at the time, had no business trading their next two first round picks for anything short of Sidney Crosby. Just because Hamilton, a 20-year-old rookie defenseman(!), was a healthy scratch in the later rounds and the Bruins are too capped out to keep Seguin (much like they were with Kessel) and are now retrospectively sandbagging him (also much like they did with Kessel) to help justify it to the fans doesn't mean the Leafs won the deal. This trade has never looked as good for the Leafs as it does right now and it will never look this good again.
July 10, 2013
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Big Ev said:

Big Ev
... The Kessel deal was a complete robbery by the Leafs. Seguin and Hamilton have to be two of the most overrated young players in the game. It's based on nothing but upside whereas Kessel is producing, and producing very very well.
July 10, 2013
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rataylor22 said:

... I love watching debates where one side is people objectively making valid, solid arguments to support their opinion (in this case the Seguin side) only to have the other consistently come back to what amounts as "Nuh-Uh" (in most cases, and this one, the Toronto side). It is going to be phenomenal to watch the Leafs go back to not being a playoff team next year haha.
July 10, 2013
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Sovereign said:

what a joke... Toronto absolutely made the right move. I have said so since day 1.
In hindsight the #2 stung a bit. But still the right move.

Seguin is entitled to party as much as he likes. Makes him a bad pro and unreliable guy to the team for the moment. But thats it. Funny how players that make their own free decisions and dont fall in ljne are the ones ushered out of town? Did a bunch of ancestors have a big tea party there for some reason???

The Seguin deal is about MONEY and the fact that he has not played well enough to make himself untradeable. He had success and one in year one as a pro. So his drive is probably not as big as you may ex pect.

This has much more to do with bad contracts and GMs that cant help but shoot themselves in the foot than it does with a players ability. He is a young millionaire. He is going to act stupid. End of story. Some just act more stupid than others. Others just dont get caught. The bashing towards Seguin is to cover the fact that Chirelli made deals with/for his players that could not be sustained longterm and now needs to save face.

To bad these guys cant just admit that it takes good assets to get good assets and be done with it.
GMs (and fans) cannot fall in love with their players. Gretzky proved EVERYONE is tradeable, especially for team need.
July 10, 2013
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Bender said:

Kessel/Seguin Looking at the numbers I'd agree that the trade makes sense on paper. But its the circumstances that don't make sense. Kessel was an RFA at the time and was clearly not going to resign in Boston. Why give them so much when they don't have any bargaining power? But why was Burke even talking to them? Toronto was (or should have been) in rebuild mode, which means that 1st rounders should not have been in play and they should have been stock piling picks and prospects for their dead weight players. In the salary cap NHL, this move was brilliant for Boston, as they got unreal value for an RFA who they would not be able to resign, managed the cap, managed their assets, and stayed in the top echelon of teams in the NHL. The the deciding factor in the whole thing is the 6 straight playoff appearances for Boston and 1 Stanley Cup. Poor Kessel was doomed, he could have scored 150 points but with no playoffs until last year (3 seasons after trade) or stanley cups then what does it matter?
July 10, 2013
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Mr. Ben said:

Mr. Ben
... The only people that think the Leafs lost this trade are the people who (and will always no matter the results) hate the Leafs. The Leafs traded a couple draft picks (hit or miss) for a 21 year old who had just scored 36 goals.
As the article says, Seguin has already been traded and Hamilton couldn't crack the playoff roster as a regular.
Another thing top consider (other than the fact that Kessel has been a top 10 scorer for the last two years) is that Kessel is a gamebreaker. When do you see the Bruins send Seguin on the ice to score the big goal for them? Kessel is Toronto's go to guy. He's the one who decides whether the team wins or loses and he deals with the outcome either way.
For a guy who doesn't say much and isn't great with the media (which is a ridiculous knock against him....who care!?!!?) he has sure handles the Toronto spotlight better than a lot of players in recent memory. We're going on year 5 now....he hasn't cracked, the team has improved and he is a better player (try and tell me he isn't a more complete player) all at the ripe old, over the hill age of 25. He's now part of the core of the youngest playoff team in the league.
Kessel in Toronto- 119 Goals and 253 Points
Seguin, Hamilton and Knight combined in the NHL- 61 Goals and 137 Points
July 10, 2013
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jer_33 said:

Kessel/Seguin The Kessel trade was absolutely a good trade for Toronto.

It guaranteed the team a great young player (he was 21 at the time of the trade), at the expense of 3 future young players. It was shitty coaching and poor goaltending (Joey MacDonald suited up for 6, Gustavsson had 2 surgeries) that dropped the team, but the fact is they were only 3-4 wins out of selecting out of the top 10.

Consider this, if Burke didn't make the trade and instead selected Seguin or anyone further down that list (Niederreiter, Connolly, Granlund) is Toronto a playoff team?

Instead we've had 119 goals and 253 pts from Kessel, who's been a top 10 player in the league the last 2 seasons.
July 10, 2013
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Face said:

Seguin I don't recall hearing even one instance of Seguin's party life prior to the trade. Funny how as soon as he leaves Boston the trash starts flying. He's 21. Jesus Christ let the kid play. Is one twitter post and tattoos really going to override the fact that he is a 21 year old center, drafted second overall, Stanley cup champion, with a 67 point season. The Benn and Seguin line in Dallas will be one the most talented lines in hockey next year. Neither may post 80+ points but they will be extremely difficult to play against.

@Gaborlick, Technically it's only one trade. Boston received the second overall pick from Toronto in the Kessel exchange. They took Seguin with that pick. Your argument is ridiculous...Here are some other players that have been traded within the first three years of their career: Brayden Schenn, Coery Schneider, Cody Hogsdon, Zach Kassian. The reason these young players are traded is because they are wanted commodities.
July 10, 2013
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Gaborlick said:

Kessel/Seguin Trade These are the funniest comments. Clearly Seguin was traded away from Boston for a reason. He is only 21 sure, but two trades this early in your career. There is something wrong there.

At the time of the trade, Boston clearly won the deal, Seguin, Knight and Hamilton for Kessel is a great deal for Boston and not necessarily for Toronto. Here is the thing that separates the deal now. Kessel is a consistent 30+ goal score, who by the way, has been on a terrible Toronto team until recently. Last season was great for them, Kadri really helped move this team forward. Kessel and Kadri are this team. They are the go to guys.

Seguin is not that guy, I doubt Toronto would have made the playoffs with Seguin on the team this season, or the other two guys. What does Seguin provide that isn't points? Leadership? No, Faceoffs? No, just unmatched or attained potential. Sequin hasn't done anything, he didn't win the cup for Boston.
July 10, 2013
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wally1 said:

Kessel/Seguin You are forgetting a very key point in this trade. When the trade was made, Boston was right up against the salary cap. They needed to make a move for someone on their roster because they simply couldn't afford to pay Kessel 5 or 6M.

So they turned him into Seguin, Hamilton, and Knight. Not only did they solve all their cap issues (a necessity), but they arguably upgraded their talent at the same time.

Winner of trade: Boston.
July 10, 2013
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rataylor22 said:

Kessel/Seguin Guess its my turn to chime in on this. IMO there a two ways to evaluate the trade. Did it make sense at the time, and at the end of all players involved careers/tenures does it make sense.

So criteria 1. Did it make sense at the time. No. Toronto was not a playoff team, let alone a contender. They made a trade of a lot of young assets (in this case picks) to acquire an impact player. Could Toronto have possibly known they would finish that low and those would be the picks? Of course not. Nonetheless, did the trade make sense for where Toronto was as a team? Definitely not.

Criteria 2. Obviously projecting, but take Knight out of it. Even at Seguin/Hamilton for Kessel, is there any non-delusional hockey fan who thinks at the end of their careers Phil Kessel will be worth these two players combined? No chance. Hell, there still seems to be a pretty decent argument that Seguin for Kessel isn't even a 1-for-1 swap right now, let, alone adding Hamilton. Kessel definitely won't be close to Seguin's level by the end of their respective careers, unless you're counting just straight goals and assist (and even then Kessel probably won't win).

Sorry Dobber, I agree with you 95% of the time but this is part of that 5% where I don't. It was a bad trade at the time because it didn't fit where Toronto was as a team, it's a bad trade now as Toronto hasn't won anything with Kessel and Boston has an with Seguin (regardless of how much of a role he played) and Seguin is arguably a better complete player than Kessel is already, and it's going to keep getting worse as Seguin continues to improve while Kessel most likely has already peaked.
July 10, 2013
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Red John said:

Red John
Kessel/Seguin Would like to chime in here.

Fantasy wise you can't argue Kessel has done way more - the guy has always got his points.

But personally Boston still won that trade...Kessel is just not a guy that's going to win you a Cup. He gets his points...but he doesn't provide much else. Seguin is 21, not even in his prime yet, a future No. 1 centre (more important position), is going to provide a lot more to a team than goals and assists. He's not at his peak yet...but he could be a top-5 center in the NHL by the time he's in his late 20s.

Dougie Hamilton has done fine so far at adifficult position...he has great physical tools and will end up a top pairing defenseman who again may never put up 50 points but he'll be a great real-life NHL player.

Boston was able to turn Seguin into Eriksson who frankly is probably a better NHL player than Kessel though an inferior goal scorer. To mention nothing about Knight and any of the other youngsters who came over from Dallas.

Toronto fans love to try and justify the trade in hindsight and Kessel has certainly done his part to ensure it wasn't a disaster...but personally still think the Bruins won.

Just an opinion of course.
July 09, 2013
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