Fantasy Impact: A big time trade - Anaheim (finally) trades Bobby Ryan. Ottawa gives up Jakub Silfverberg, prospect Stefan Noesen, and a 1st round pick in return.



The Senators Get:


A proven top line winger signed to a very reasonable contract ($5.1 million per). This makes up for losing Alfredsson earlier in the day (on ice at least, Alfy will be impossible to replace in the Ottawa community). Ryan is elite - he and Spezza are going to be great together. 50 goal great? I'm not sure. We tend to overrate potentially dominant duos - Thornton/Heatley, Richards/Gaborik, and so on. However, there is a lot of potential for success here.

The Ducks Get:


A very good young winger in Jakub Silfverberg. He has top line upside, and is already a responsible two-way forward. You have to give to get, though. Ottawa also moved out Stefan Noesen - the 21st overall pick from back in 2011. Noesen has considerable upside himself, but Ottawa was making this move from a position of strength.


Noesen had 25 goals and 53 points for Plymouth this past season. He's at least a few years away from making any sort of NHL impact. He plays with a bit of an edge, too.


Fantasy Players Impacted:

Obviously there are significant fantasy ramifications to this deal. Ryan is a huge winner - he goes from third fiddle in Anaheim to the go-to scorer in Ottawa. He can play on either wing but prefers the left (his off wing). Milan Michalek also plays the left wing, but one of them may move over to complete the top line in Ottawa.


MT @ian_mendes Since 08, Ryan has scored more goals than Crosby, Heatley, Malkin, Hossa, Kane, Eriksson


Silfverberg joins a very good - but very crowded - collection of young forwards in Anaheim. Smith-Pelly, Etem, Palmieri, Holland, Maroon, and so on. Lots of talent, but they will all compete with each other for ice time.


Noesen will head to the AHL for at least a year, and probably two. Here is his DobberProspects report. He was a junior teammate of Duck prospect Rickard Rakell.


According to multiple reports, the Ducks are also heavily interested in Derek Roy (likely to center line two).


Potential Ottawa lines:








Potential Anaheim lines:


Etem-UFA signing-Silfverberg




Koivu is rumoured to be re-signing soon. No word on Teemu yet, though. The Ducks also have some other players (like Holland) in the mix.


Fantasy Players this helps, in order:


1. Ryan

2. Spezza

3. Turris

4. Paimieri

5. Silfverberg


Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:


1. Condra

2. Pageau

3. Neil

4. Latendresse

5. Noesen

6. Smith-Pelly

7. Etem

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DuklaNation said:

... I actually think this should help Etem as he becomes the #2 most dangerous winger on the team now.
July 06, 2013
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Reuben said:

.... Love these write-ups, Jeff. Busy day for ya, so props on getting all them up as quickly as you did.

Can I safely assume that Erik Karlsson will get a positive boost out of the Ryan signing too? You didn't put him on the list, but perhaps that's because you were only looking at the effect on other forwards.
July 05, 2013
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JTitan said:

.... Really Dakkster... Are you that much of a dick you need to make a comment that rude about a simple spelling mistake. Trying saying, "fyi, Silfverberg is spelled with a e not a u". Get your head out of your a....
July 05, 2013
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Big Ev said:

Big Ev
... great analysis Angua. I would add something that Murray just said in his presser, that one of Mike Hoffman/Mark Stone/Shane Prince/David DZ have a chance to make the team this Fall, so maybe this trade facilitated that.
July 05, 2013
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angus said:

... Interesting take.

Yeah it is mostly guess work putting these lines together. Silfverberg can play either wing, but I know the Ducks like Palmieri with the big guns. A way of spreading it out.

Silfverberg is a winner, but he would have been a really good player in Ottawa, too. This trade doesn't boost his value relative to what it was before the trade as much as some other guys (in my humble opinion at least).
July 05, 2013
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Veritas0Aequitas said:

Ryan and Silfverberg The only reason Ryan has been playing LW is because they team had Selanne and Perry. He should be playing RW in Ottawa. A perfect replacement for Alfy.

Also, Silfverberg played LW most of last year and will probably do the same this year although he can play either side. My guess... with Perry and Getzlaf. He should be #2 on your list as a big winner in this deal.
July 05, 2013
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